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Each life is unique.  Each person deserves an individual and personalised ceremony to communicate that.  The funeral service provided includes a family meeting to plan the ceremony and a written script sent for the family’s approval before delivering the service.  In times of bereavement, families need someone who will listen, be supportive and to summarise various viewpoints.  Humanist ceremonies are non-religious:  being open to the views of both believers and non-believers allows everyone to have their values respected within a Humanist ceremony.

What is a Humanist Funeral?

A non-religious funeral ceremony personalised by you and specially written to capture the essence of the person who has died.   This gives  meaning to a funeral service which provides a time to gather with family and friends to share and remember the love and joy in that person’s life as well as sadness at their death.

What happens at a Humanist funeral?

Often, these are held in a crematorium, cemetery or natural burial ground.  You can decide the style, structure and format of the funeral, given any constraints at the venue.  I will guide you through the process and make sure the service runs smoothly and to time.

How does it all work? 

Get in touch by phone on 0777 478 0605 or by email at  We meet and talk to set out a plan and continue to be in touch via email and phone.  I’ll advise and support you as we discuss music, poems, readings, speakers and rituals at the family meeting.

Who writes the ceremony script?

Together, we’ll write a humanist funeral ceremony which reflects the essence of that person and their values, background and personality.  You may choose to include friends and family as speakers during the service or introduce rituals from your own heritage or culture.  I’ll send you a draft for the service for you to agree.  I’ll provide you with a script of the entire ceremony on the day of the service, and send an electronic copy too.

Tell me about memorials?

These usually happen some time after the funeral.  You can hold a humanist memorial ceremony wherever you like – at home, in the garden or in a woodland, at a hotel, restaurant or a museum, in a village hall or marquee, or in a garden of remembrance or woodland burial ground for ash memorials.  Often memorials feel more relaxed, with more time for contributions and personal memories, and they may include food and drinks. 

How much is it? 

Fees vary depending on the type of service. I charge from £245 for a cremation or burial service and memorial services by arrangement (which take more time).  Services are free for those 16 and under. Almost always the fee is included in the 'disbursements' charged by the funeral director, so I rarely get paid directly by a family unless it's for a memorial sometime after the funeral.  

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